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"Whew, I feel brand new after listening to this... All the guest vocalists on this album are perfectly placed. With traditional instruments and vocal arrangements, this album sports an Afro Cuban feel that is light but packs serious talent. All parts fit together nicely with nothing outshining the other... Is it soul? Is it Jazz? Is it world? Yes, it’s all of these things. Corazon Latino are all of these things. Their music is a party and we’re all invited!"
Mut Asheru from "Unsigned The Magazine"


...«Desde Barranquilla» eine für Schweizer Verhältnisse in jeder Beziehung herausragende Latino-Produktion...

© Aargauer Zeitung / MLZ; 20.11.2007; Seite 30


...Fans of Paul Simons' Rhythm Of The Saints will find a lot to love here, as will folks who are open to world music. The CD is fantastic. Highly recommended.

Wildy's World





-Kuratoriumpreis des Kanton Aargau 2007

-Track OBA is the Winner of the Global Rhythm magazine/ Sonic Bids Song contest for March 2008.

-IMA Finalist 2008


CD Compilations:


Track OBA has been selected as Track on Compilation: Afrobeat Cafe Volume 2

Track EN AMARGURA is the Winner of Song contest Diaspora for Africa Compilation Vol.3

Track MENTIRAS is selected on Music Independence Summit Connection CD Compilation Vol.


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